Stuart Warshaw has been in business for over thirty years creating value as a business owner, consultant and startup entrepreneur. He is a hands-on operator whose core skills are solving problems, managing growth, cash flow management, strategic market positioning, and capitalizing on opportunities. 

In late 2017 Stuart launched VLES designs. VLES is a project born from his experience as a volunteer firefighter, the impacts of climate change, and the need for people to be prepared for emergencies.

In 2011 Stuart co-founded Grind which was one of the first multi location coworking companies in the country. Grind, based in New York, was instrumental in defining the collaborative workspace and coworking industry. Stuart exited at the end of 2015.

Prior to 2011 Stuart consulted to numerous companies and owned and operated one of the largest golf sportswear companies in the country.

Stuart is an avid skier and photographer.