Emergency preparedness bags

Stuart cofounded VLES designs in 2017 with his wife. Both Karina and Stuart were emergency responders and experienced a number of situations first hand, including 9/11, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene. Although they always had a go bag, they realized few people did, and there was nothing on the market they felt was appropriate.


naked juice.png

In 2004 Arthur took over as CEO of Naked Juice…a premium manufacturer of both blended and single strength juice products.  A superior product, but under performing during a period of aggressive growth of the premium juice business. The challenges were multi faceted, organizational, manufacturing processes and financial constraints.  Under Arthurs leadership the company became intensely profitable and in 2006 was sold to PepsiCo.


In 2011, Stuart, along with a couple of partners co-founded Grind LLC, one of the first coworking platforms in the country. Grind was recognized as one of the most influential companies in an industry that was just beginning and which has since grown exponentially. Stuart and his founding partners operated Grind on a day to day basis for the first couple of years of its existence. Stuart exited at the end of 2015.


In 1997 Arthur invested in and became the CEO of “The Moorings”, a leader in the sailing industry with over 600 boats, 4 hotels and 23 bases located in all of the oceans of the world.  In incredibly complex business challenged strategically, organizationally, structurally, financially and politically.  Arthur, a lifetime sailor and sailboat racer attacked the problems with both passion and logic.  The company prospered and in 2001 was sold North Castle Partners.


After the successful sale of the Moorings to North Castle Partners Arthur became an Operating Advisor to the firm.  In that capacity he returned to an operating role as CEO of Grand Expeditions…a multi faceted travel business that encompassed The Moorings and six other diversified travel companies.  Following 9/11 the travel business was decimated and the challenges were enormous…while financial challenges and liquidity were the greatest problems there were many others all related to downsizing and ultimately re-growing and restoring profitability to the businesses.  Three years later the company was successfully sold to First Choice Ltd, a UK apparel conglomerate. 


Stuart purchased the golf businesses from Crystal Brands, Inc. Along with his business partner, Stuart took the assets and rebuilt the business to quickly become the largest women's golf company in the country selling to country clubs and resorts. With 3,500 customers, 25 sales reps, 15 vendors, and an embroidery operation, Stuart and his partner sold the company to a golf industry roll up.